Membership Benefits

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Business Membership Benefits Include…

  • Enjoy publicity and events that bring people and customers into your business.
  • Take part in marketing programs that boost your business.
  • Receive design guidelines that help your building attract more patrons.
  • Access exclusive information from Main Street Gardnerville and the National Trust.
  • Bi-weekly Biz Blasts participation (Contact Main Street Gardnerville for more information)


Additional Membership & Partner Benefits…

  • Listed as a sponsor of Main Street Gardnerville on website and certain printed materials.
  • Receive valuable networking opportunities with other businesses, property owners and residents.
  • Be kept abreast of what is happening through community meetings, news-letters, events and conferences.
  • Strengthen your opinion through the support of a strong organization.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to influence the direction of our downtown. Be part of the historic preservation endeavor.
  • Make our community better!


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