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Flower Baskets & Adopt-A-Pot

flower project banner smlr  The 2017 FLOWER BASKET and ADOPT-A-POT season is here!
Together we make Main Street Gardnerville BLOOM!


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Heritage Park Gardens

Heritage Park Gardens (HPG) is more than a community garden. The overarching goal will be to provide an area with multiple benefits to the community.  Various activities in the gardens include walking, demonstration, decorative and teaching gardens.
Plot Rental-Community Gardens  plots which are available to rent to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. For rental information click here.

Labyrinth walking path.                                                          

Children’s Garden   

“Growing to Share” Garden is currently being implemented… It is a project in which people of all ages benefit. In essence, participants will learn, grow, share and beautify and benefit from the charitable nature of the project.

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Revolving Loan Fund… Business Loans Available at a 2% Interest Rate

The Main Street Gardnerville Revolving Loan Fund Program is a major component of Main Street Gardnerville’s economic development package and is made available through a grant from the USDA’s Rural Development Program.

The fund was established to advance the economic development of Main Street Gardnerville’s Historic Downtown District. And to provide financial assistance through low interest loans, to new or existing businesses and building owners.

Eligible Uses

  • Signs and awnings
  • Remodeling or rehabilitation of the interior or exterior of a building
  • Purchase of additional equipment or fixtures
  • Purchase of additional inventory
  • Working capital
  • Business expansion
  • Leveraging with other grants, energy conservation, etc.

Decorative Benches

Own a piece of downtown… The Main Street program has begun installing decorative four-foot metal benches downtown to accommodate and encourage pedestrians along the main street corridor.

You’ll find these benches at the Record Courier Center, the Historian Inn, Sharkey’s Casino, Heritage Park, the Town Offices, at the Stratton Center, John Scott State Farm Insurance, Ron Cauley’s office, the Overland Restaurant & Pub, the Masons Building, Carson Valley Middle School and the Carson Valley Museum.

These benches can be sponsored by a service group, business, or by an individual/family. Each bench will have a plaque affixed to it, honoring your service club, business or individual/family.

The one-time cost of $1,995 is to be paid by sponsor(s) which will include bench, plaque, shipping and installation.

These benches will add a nice touch to our downtown district. For more information click here.


Sidewalk Gallery

Main Street Gardnerville Sidewalk Gallery has taken a community abandoned building and made it into a open air Art Gallery located at the corner of Main Street and Eddy Street (next to JT’s). The gallery is provided free of charge for the public and the exhibits are scheduled to change quarterly when available. The Sidewalk Gallery showcases local artists, high school photographers and depicts the local area, history and sights. 

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